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Art and Horses. DVD  Was 24.99 now 4.99

Art and Horses. DVD Was £24.99 now £4.99

Price: 4.99

The aim of this film is to celebrate the horse in art as seen in the works in the Louvre in Paris. This film will leave you under the spell of the Louvre collection and it's horses. Approx.50 mins.

Funnell Factor 2  Was 17.99 now 6.99

Funnell Factor 2 Was £17.99 now £6.99

Price: 6.99

Funnell Factor 2 was filmed at Hartpury College’s magnificent new indoor arena during William and Pippa Funnell’s lecture tour of the country at the end of 2010. In this show William and Pippa ride a number of the ‘Billy bred’ horses. Pippa starts with ‘Billy Congo’ and finishes the flatwork section riding a 4 star dressage test on William’s exciting young show jumping stallion. William then joins Pippa on ‘Billy Mexico’ as they perform a series of jumping exercises. In the cross country section Pippa rides one of her exciting young horses ‘Billy Beware’ nicknamed ‘Gorgeous’ and William states his intention to join the eventing ranks with his rather portly new horse ‘Billy Go Lightly!’

Finally in the main jumping section William rides ‘Billy Grand’ and Pippa ‘Billy Angelo’ as they vie for victory in their head to head contest.

A wonderful 2 hours of fascinating viewing full of valuable content mixed with a lot of fun. Approx 120 mins.

The Funnell Factor. DVD. Was 16.99 now 6.99

The Funnell Factor. DVD. Was £16.99 now £6.99

Price: 6.99

Pippa & William Funnell took to the road in early 2004 with some of their best horses and the Funnell Factor played to full houses at 4 different venues. Approx.1 hour 52 mins.

Horsepower - Martin Clunes  Was 14.99 now 6.99

Horsepower - Martin Clunes Was £14.99 now £6.99

Price: 6.99

Much loved comic actor Martin Clunes explores his personal fascination with horses in an appealing, light-hearted study of the noble beast. Martin travels around the world to trace the origins and evolution of the horse and to explore man’s relationship and reliance upon them, taking every opportunity to jump into the saddle himself. Approx. 2 x 1 hour duration.

A Decade of Badminton  Was 14.99 now 6.99

A Decade of Badminton Was £14.99 now £6.99

Price: 6.99

With the cancellation of the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials 2012, director and course designer Hugh Thomas, international event rider William Fox-Pitt and BBC commentator Mike Tucker talk about the reasons behind this decision as well as the impact it had. We then move on to journey through the last decade of an event, reliving the great winning performances as well as the changes that have evolved. Badminton is a destination that is pivotal to the eventing calendar, a place where dreams are either shattered or realised. Approx 52 mins.

Dancing with Bonfire  Was 16.99 now 6.99

Dancing with Bonfire Was £16.99 now £6.99

Price: 6.99

This best selling programme is now available on DVD. It is filmed at Anky's home and with the help of her trainer and partner, Sjef she recalls how she turned an unbroken two year old with a penchant for bucking into an outstanding champion. A story of how both horse and rider conquered all and became champions of the kur. Approx 70 mins duration.

Pippa Funnell Road to the Top & the Grand Slam. DVD.   Was 19.99 now 6.99

Pippa Funnell Road to the Top & the Grand Slam. DVD. Was £19.99 now £6.99

Price: 6.99

This is the story of a charming but utterly dedicated horsewoman who became the darling of Eventing at the start of the 21st.century. This story plus the highlights of all three 4 Star victories in the Rolex Grand Slam, 2003. Approx. 2 hours. DVD

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