Enjoying Dressage 2 with Richard Davison
This great review was spied on the British Dressage Forum. Many thanks to Keen2learn.

"Have just acquired Richard Davidson's Enjoying Dressage 2 and think it's the best dressage DVD I have ever seen - and boy, over the years I have seen most of them! The great thing about this DVD is that he actually talks about the rider's position, use of seat,core muscles etc. A revelation to me was use of the wrist to give a rein aid rather than a pull with the whole arm. This DVD answered so many questions which I had and which even top trainers had not been able to answer so clearly. The section on stretching and suppling the horse is just fabulous. I have tried the techniques out on my hot TB who is prone to tension and he just loved them and stayed so loose and relaxed it was a revelation. Make sure you get Volume 2 because I was not so mad about volume 1 or maybe it was just that Volume 2 was more relevant to my problems."