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Philippe Karl & High Noon Part 3

Philippe Karl & High Noon Part 3

Price: 29.99

A French riding master and his Hanoverian gelding High Noon.

Enjoy a cross-section of the complete programme of the Hanoverian gelding High Noon in the third part of this film documentary. Seven years after the beginning of his training with the renowned French riding master Philippe Karl, the pair present the key elements of riding in Légèreté, from the loosening on the lunge and under the saddle through lateral movements up to piaffe, passage and tempi changes. Comprehensive horse training should also include jumping.

Approx 44 mins

FEI Pony European Championships 2018 - Bishop Burton College DRESSAGE  Was 14.99 now 4.99

FEI Pony European Championships 2018 - Bishop Burton College DRESSAGE Was £14.99 now £4.99

Price: 4.99

Fourteen nations were represented in the dressage competitions with 3 sets of medals on offer for the team, individual and freestyle and it was Germany's Moritz Treffinger who would go home with 3 gold medals after outstanding performances on his birlliant mare Top Queen H. Denmark's Alexander Yde Helgstrand pushed Treffinger all the way on his 12 year old chestnut gelding Adriano B to collect 3 silver medals.

The standard of riding by the top ten was sensational and makes for a brilliant and inspiring watch with the top 3 tests in the individual and freestyle being shown in full.

Approx 52 mins.

Theory Lecture 2 - The Role of the Forehand

Theory Lecture 2 - The Role of the Forehand

Price: 29.99

Classical or Not Classical? The Role of the Forehand Theory lecture 2 by Philippe Karl.

According to the official doctrine, it's the hindquarters that, as the 'motor' of the horse determine its locomotion - but is this really true? Or is it the forehand that plays the decisive role? And which consequences would follow from such a predominance of the forehand for the training of the horse?

In this filmed theory lecture, the French riding master Philippe Karl is assisted by the biologist Dr Tamina Pinent, to analyse these fundamental questions.

Approx 51 mins

The Classical Riding Club Dressage Convention - Sylvia Loch

The Classical Riding Club Dressage Convention - Sylvia Loch

Price: 22.99

This DVD from the CRC 21st Anniversary Dressage Conventions show-cases the work of 5 international Classical Trainers from France, Germany, Portugal and the UK.

Featuring 10 different horses and riders at different levels, each lesson demonstrates the common bond and ethos shared between the Classical Schools. From Novice level to preparation for the Grand Prix, we also see an inspirational lesson on the work in hand as well as personal interviews with each trainer.

Not only does this DVD serve as a reminder of a fantastic day, it also provides a wonderful guide for further training at home with all ages and type of horse from Friesian to Warmblood, Irish Sports Horse to Lusitano.

Valegro's Farewell - A tribute to a wonder horse  Was 19.99 now 9.99

Valegro's Farewell - A tribute to a wonder horse Was £19.99 now £9.99

Price: 9.99

This is a tribute to the greatest dressage horse the world has ever seen, presented by Horse & Country TV's Jenny Rudall.

The programme includes behind the scenes footage at Carl Hester's yard, at major competitions, interviews with all those closest to the horse, action footage from the British Championships and finally extensive coverage of Valegro's farewell at Olympia's Christmas Horse Show in December 2016.

This is a fitting tribute to a horse that has taken the sport of dressage to a new and more popular level. No better tribute could be paid to Valegro than by his competition rider Charlotte Dujardin when she said 'He is in every way the perfect horse'.

Approx 46 minutes

Special Offer - Relive Valegro's competitive career, buy any of the following review DVDs in addition to Valegro's Farewell for just £9.99 each by quoting VALEGRO at the checkout. Alternatively buy all 6 for just £49.99 (See Special Offers section)

European Dressage Championships 2015

European Dressage Championships 2013

European Dressage Championships 2011 Team Grand Prix

FEI Dressage To Music Finals 2015

World Equestrian Games 2014 Dressage

Dressage - The Holistic Approach to Success

Dressage - The Holistic Approach to Success

Price: 29.99

Always on the horse's side! This is Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and Benjamin Werndl's motto, since their philosophy is to maintain the horses' contentment and motivation. Their holistic approach extends from fitness training with the horses to mental exercises and recreational sport for the rider. This film shows elements from their everyday riding lives which lead to success and shows how they make their horses fit for dressage through friendly contact, appropriate care and richly varied training.

The Spirit of Dressage - Alize Froment

The Spirit of Dressage - Alizée Froment

Price: 29.99

Alizée Froment is a successful International Grand Prix dressage and show rider, whose main aim is always to build a strong relationship with her horses so they can learn even the hardest dressage movements with serenity, pleasure and happiness.

This film shows Alizée’s daily training and gives an insight into the special way she combines the art of Classical Dressage with the magic of liberty work to maintain self carriage and keep her horses fresh and engaged. Alizée's horses are able to do all the difficult movements from the Haute Ecole with a bitless bridle, a simple rope or even from the ground with the horse totally free by her side.

Approx 69mins

Training for Dressage Horses 1 with Ingrid Klimke

Training for Dressage Horses 1 with Ingrid Klimke

Price: 29.99

Olympic Champion Ingrid Klimke’s film series ‘Basic Training for Riding Horses’ is a masterpiece conveying brilliant ideas to follow in ones own riding. In this sequel, her horses have matured another year and are ready in their dressage work to progress towards Advanced Class (S).

With Ingrid’s mentor Paul Stecken, they perfect lateral movements, improve changes in canter and work on series of flying changes.

The work on collection is further supported by work-in-hand expert Wilfried Gehrmann.

Approx 85mins

Four Steps to Riding Success - Karin Blignault  CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

Four Steps to Riding Success - Karin Blignault CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

Price: 19.99

A straightforward training system which teaches riders to achieve rhythm, balance, suppleness and the desired round flexor 'on the bit' frame in four easy steps. Four exercises form the building blocks of Grand Prix dressage and are the cornerstones of balanced riding. They teach riders to control the whole horse and improve every movement in dressage and jumping.

This is a simple, logical, sympathetic training system based on using equine biomechanics coupled with the concepts of Classical Equitation. It demonstrates, in live lessons, the method in which to learn, improve and refine your riding technique to train your horse and to teach others to master the skills.

Approx 60 mins

Philippe Karl & High Noon 2

Philippe Karl & High Noon 2

Price: 29.99

Let the philosophy of Légèreté inspire you! Follow the progression of High Noon in the second part of this educational and informative film documentary and watch him as he continues his partnership and training with the renowned French riding master, Philippe Karl. One year after the recording of the first episode, we take a look at a cross-section of the Hanoverian’s entire training programme from loosening on the lunge and under the saddle up to High School dressage work such as school walk, piaffe, passage and tempi changes.

Enjoy highlights of High Noon’s first venture into the public limelight, as he takes centre stage at the HansePferd exhibition in Hamburg in April 2014, presenting a dressage freestyle to music together with five School of Legèreté instructors and their horses. Philippe Karl, former écuyer with the famous Cadre Noir in Saumur, France, was inspired by the teachings of the old masters such as La Guérinière, Baucher, Beudant and l’Hotte. At the core of his philosophy is absolute respect for the horse. He founded the School of Légèreté which teaches a logical and practical way to systematically train horses without the use of force and coercive artificial aids. Approx 65 mins

Classical Long Reining with Saskia Gunzer

Classical Long Reining with Saskia Gunzer

Price: 29.99

A fascinating and supreme discipline of classical equitation, the art of Long Reining.

This film shows you, step by step, ‘how to’ from the beginning up to Haute Ecole, from equipment needed to Piaffe, Passage and Spanish Walk.

Saskia Gunzer has been working successfully for many years as a trainer in the disciplines of work in hand, free schooling, circus tricks and work on the long reins. She trains horses from a wide variety of breeds on the long reins up to Haute Ecole and her expertise is highly sought after. Her performances with her Arabian thoroughbred ‘Dimitri’ enchant her audiences.

Approx 98mins

Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 Normandy Dressage  Was 28.99 now 4.99

Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 Normandy Dressage Was £28.99 now £4.99

Price: 4.99

All 3 competitions are covered in detail with 50 minutes of each devoted to the Team Competition (Grand Prix) and the Individual titles in the Grand Prix Special and the Kür.

In the Team Competition Germany's all round performance proved too much for the British and Dutch teams, even though British Dressage wonders Valegro and Charlotte Dujardin hauled the team up to second, just ahead of the Dutch, with a test that was the best on every one of the 7 judge's scorecards and she then went on to dominate the Grand Prix Special and the Kür to hold every possible title at the same time in International dressage. Commentators John Kyle and Richard Davison. Narrator Jonathan Booth

Approx 150 mins

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